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Monday, March 29, 2010

Interactive Art for Kids


I am just thrilled at my new on line find and am extremely excited to share it with my fellow Domestic Goddesses out there who wish to enrich the art experience of their favorite children.

As I was searching through the Moma Store, a favorite place to browse for books, toys and other unique gifts, I found myself on the Family Programs page of the museum. A few minutes later I was amazed to land on an interactive segment for children, MoMa's Destination Art. This site is just awesome for children from 4-11 years old. Learn more about varying forms of Modern Art like the Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer, Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso, or Blossom by Polly Apfelbaum, and many others.

Thrilled with my new find, I eagerly searched out similar content at The MET and sure enough there was plenty to be found. Start out at the Just for Fun page and wander through all the stimulating options for children of varying ages. There are even a few engaging activities for adults!

Let your youngest Art Critics sing-along with Cezanne's Apples,

or learn more about Edgar Degas and his Ballet related paintings and sculpture through The Dancer's and Degas . Join Marie and her friends from American Ballet and curators from the museum as you navigate closely through this information and activity loaded page. There are also three stories in the sub category "A Day with Degas" that bears repeated reading.

I tried to search other World Famous museums like The Louvre, The Tate Modern and Museo del Prado but have not been able to access anything similar just yet. The British Museum had a Young Explorers Page with some fascinating facts and games. I will most definitely have a follow-up post if I do find anything more.

Meanwhile, I did find a few very interesting games from The Getty Museum in L.A. Check out The Getty in conjunction with Whyville, an appealing site on its own or some other fun GettyGames.

One more site I came across on was SFS Kids , a website where children can familiarize themselves with the instruments of the orchestra, learn how to read notes, or create a tune in the "Music lab with the Composerizer". Sounds like fun huh?

I sure know what my girls will be doing over the Easter Break during their allotted computer time!

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