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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


To say I am busy would be an understatement. Thirteen days until we move and our house is no where near to being livable. My husband is stressed and he is never stressed . And while there are probably 100 other things I could be doing right now, I am determined on publishing this post.

When I need to calm down and unwind I read magazines. Not books, magazines. Lots of them. These days, with the million and one things going on, I feel as if I could spend the whole day browsing through my various shelter publications. One of my favorite things to stumble upon while skimming through the pages are tablescapes . The stillness of someone else's life in progress is something I find to be extremely relaxing, soothing even.

So please join me today in my quest for calm.

A composition created by a curatorial eye.

A space that is layered and complex,

that only reveals itself slowly over time.

Organized , comforting and decorative clutter,

reflective of the inhabitants consuming passions.

A beguiling mix of the modern and the familiar.

A room filled with vernacular furniture and objects that
were once carefully edited but now lay casually forgotten.

A space that projects soul , because you can't buy ambience.

You can only hope to create it over time.

A vignette with a sense of calmness and quiet elegance,

in every room,

every space,

both inside ,

and outdoors!

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  1. Soon this all this stress will all be but a memory...good luck on your move, I'm sure your house is incredible. Regards to the hubby! :)