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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh My Sweet, sweet paul!

It's been a while. Anyone still out there?
I've been away, but mostly I've been procrastinating. Deferring action is definitely something that I do better than most, it's a fine art after all . I like to to think of it as time served as a "springboard for the imagination". Whatever works , right?

During my hours of restless inaction, I did come across this new gem of an on line magazine , so all was not lost and procrastination came to flourish. From the man who brought us the widely enjoyed Sweet Paul blog comes the first issue of sweet paul digital magazine!

To my friends and family , expect to see lot's of sweet paul influence in my cooking and entertaining. I am so excited for the next issue! It's my Lonny for the kitchen!

Take a look at all these fantastic ideas!

Better than bowl of chips.
Isn't this a great snack tray for playdates and impromptu afternoon guests?

Breakfast is my favorite meal, anytime of day.

And plenty of party ideas!

I do so love the internet and all that it brings!


  1. Stop procrastinating and leave a tip or two every now and then. I love the internet and what it brings to my desktop with a little click (and a lot of time!). See you online again SOON!