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Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Education

If you haven't seen An Education , I urge you to do so immediately. What a fantastic film! Nick Hornby delivers once again , with an intelligent, witty and at times, humorous screenplay. This beautifully stylized (imagine Mad Men but across the pond) coming of age film takes place in a London suburb in the early 1960's .

The all British cast is led by stars Carey Mulligan , as the bright, Oxford bound young girl who is seduced and ultimately given "An Education" by Peter Sarsgaard , a "smooth as silk and cool as a cucumber" playboy that is twice her age. The acting is precise and impressive. Even supporting cast is filled by fine actors like Alfred Molina and Emma Thompson . Their performances, however, do not overshadow those of Dominic Cooper and Rosamund Pike who I might add plays gorgeous and vapid brilliantly!

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  1. looks great! where did you see it? is it out?