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Thursday, January 7, 2010


This is proving to be harder than I thought is was going to be. I am trying to write more posts but am having trouble uploading multiple pictures and laying them out where I want them to be within the post. Help! Anyone!?!?!

Meanwhile, I leave you with this image of a walk-in closet/work area that I have been salivating over. Isn't it drop dead gorgeous? Well so is it's owner, Aerin Lauder. The hand painted walls with the gold leaf branches, love it! I love the whole gray and gold combination. And the size 2 dress hanging on the left, nice! I bet you I wouldn't have these blogging problems if I was working on my lap top at this desk! And if I could fit into that dress, life would be perfect.

My husband says when I inherit a billion dollar empire, I can have a dressing room just like this too.

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  1. I usually just upload my pics one at a time and place them where necessary in the post (usually at the start of a paragraph). (This is Rina, btw. The ISQ (Internet Shopping Queen). He he.)