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Monday, February 22, 2010

And the Party Planning Begins!

Just placed my order for these adorable birthday hats! Aren't they darling?

My youngest daughter requested that she have "pointy hats" for her birthday party (which isn't until April by the way!). She actually wanted the Disney Princess hats but I think I found something even more special. Another Etsy find at thepolkadotpinwheel .

I showed them to her and she smiled from ear to ear. I just love them too so as we like to say in our family , Everybody Happy!

For the girls, the Sparkly Sweet collection hats...

and the Boys will be Boys series for our young male visitors!

Expect more birthday party planning posts in the weeks to come!

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  1. Cute hats! Digression: Alicia, where would you go to buy an arm chair? I've tried the usual suspects, but everything is too modern for me. Restoration's drawing for something made to order was not good. My usual sofa guy is too detail oriented - it takes several meetings to hammer out details... I even asked the staff at Adora if they sell the armchairs which are scattered throughout the store. Answer: no. What to do?