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Monday, February 1, 2010

Angelina Ballerina Birthday Cake

Here is another beautiful cake created by Marta's Cakes for my daughter's 5th birthday. I had wanted to include this in my Party Time! post but did not have a digital image and my scanned picture was horrendous. A quick email to Marta and these pictures arrived in my inbox this afternoon.

Notice the detail of the dancing Angelina Ballerinas. No two poses were exactly alike. There were 16 different poses that wrapped around the bottom layer. It was just so sweet! And have I mentioned how delicious these cakes are? Marta offers many different flavors with chocolate and pound cake being amongst my favorites. The pound cake is quite dense and the flavor is redolent of almond, although I do not know if there is any almond flour or almond extract in her recipe. Everyone I know really loves Marta's pound cake.

Revisiting photos of all these wonderful cakes has made me all the more excited to come up with something extra special for our upcoming celebrations. Will post pictures of my ideas soon!


  1. Where did you purchase the ballerina candles?

  2. Hi Tammie.

    I ordered these candles on line from the same supplier that I ordered the Angelina Ballerina balloons from. This was six years ago so the name of the website escapes me. Sorry. Maybe try to google a resource?