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Monday, February 8, 2010

Keep on dreaming!

Years ago I started a file of sort, filled with tear sheets of pictures from magazines , brochures and alike. The idea was that when the time came for my husband and I to build a new house, we would have a vast array of personal references to ease our selection for the many things we would need to furnish our home. This precious collection of sheets with tattered edges of all shapes and sizes, were tucked away in a clear book that I quickly named "My Kokuyo". I have spent many, many happy hours filling and looking at this book! I would like to say that Kokuyo means something elegant, like "a repository of ideas" but not quite. Yes , I am just about that prosaic to call my beloved KOKUYO by the Japanese brand that my clear book really is!

I am happy to say, however, that the "Kokuyo's" time has come. We are beginning to furnish our new home and this weeks decision to be made: a headboard for the masters bedroom.

Among all the pages I have, (and believe me there are hundreds!) this photo above, of what seems to be a European, possibly Italian, piece of wood that may have once served as a top of bed, was the picture I made sure not to loose or misplace. I fell completely in love with this idea and was determined to find something similar to replicate this look exactly! In Manila, finding a similar antique with European provenance would prove to be quite challenging. I decided that if I could find a similar Philippine antique, that would be fine, even better perhaps, but no luck there either . Sadly, I decided to abandon my headboard dream.

Years later, in the age of blogging , I came across this photo on Velvet & Linen by Brooke Giannetti, I fell in love a second time. .... I reinstated my search, but still no luck. I haven't given up though . I am hoping the next time I come across something like this, it will not be in a picture but at an antique store, preferably one on this side of the world. Well they do say third time's a charm right?

But in the meantime, maybe it's time to dream another dream.

I do like this headboard. I don't know exactly what it's made of but it seems to be inspired by by architectural detailing, and it reminds me of molding. I could easily have my plaster supplier make something like this, but do you think it's plaster or wood? This might be a great way to add some character to my 5 year olds bedroom, but I don't think my husband will want this for us.

Below is another option. I love the tufted look. It's got that modern classic twist that I'm always drawn to.

Another tufted headboard from Usona. The height and the way it envelopes the mattress frame is quite interesting. What do you think?

Yet another tufted headboard, but I'm pretty sure I kept this picture because of the Herve Van der Straeten mirror hanging above the bed. I love him. Mental note, separate post on my man Herve!

Another way I could dress up my headboard aside from tufting, would be to add nail heads to an upholstered piece. I do love these guys. They dress up anything and look very tailored and smart.

The gold pillows and quilted duvet really look gorgeous against the shade of blue, and make this room absolutely stunning .

The pillows soften the masculinity of the nail heads and I do like the idea of hanging a piece of art above the bed.

This Moroccan headboard is by Alessandra Branca. Love her, but am not sure this shape is for me.

Another ravishing bedroom by Madame Branca below.
Beautiful! This is more my style.

Still the art over the bed is proving to be a good option until I find my gold headboard!

So now I'm thinking upholstered head board, definitely. But what will it be folks, tufted or with nail heads? I'd love to hear from you. Either way I think I'll finish the look with a nice piece of art hanging above. And you know what, I think I have just the piece!

It will be perfect, well almost perfect.
For now, I'm still holding on to my dream.


  1. dear alicia
    thanks for the link to your interesting blog! i'm enjoying looking at these different yummy options. if you're looking for a beautifully carved headboard, try finishes first (formerly mejore). text me if you're interested; i can get the number. i'm not one to impose what i want for you because it will be your choice that matters most but since you asked for opinions, i think shallow tufting will be easier to clean here in our environment- dust environment more specifically- but still have the cushy nest to make staying in bed more inviting. have fun and congratulations on your new blog!!! i'm already salivating as i anticipate your food section!

  2. the molding for the kids room looks like it can be done in carved wood with either matte paint or glossy automotive paint, whichever effect you want. the one in the photo looks like architectural moulding though, you're right.

    i love tufted anything. go for it! im sure you have a fancy rainbow vacuum to clean off the dust.

    i also have a mr kokuyo. but i can't post the pages because i can't work my new scanner. ugh. so instead i've kept a digital decofile going.

    nice post. coinkidink, i'm thinking of releasing headboards as part of my next line. not sure yet

  3. Thanks for the suggestion Karen, you know I never even though of the dust collection aspect of it all , but you are right, something to think about.

    Daphne, I have a 15 year old Rainbow that I inherited from my mother-in-law and I am struggling to keep it alive. With all my expenses, the last thing I can afford to buy is a billion peso vacuum! haha!

    I do love tufting too and since I don't usually think in practical terms, I will probably go for it!

    I think headboards is a great idea. You know, you could do a slip cover type headboard within your line ( will send you photo for reference if you need) and then make different covers using your sheets and/or designs. Customers could buy a few covers and freshen up their bedrooms every so often- maybe even every week!