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Friday, February 12, 2010

Decorating with Books Part 1: Lonny Style

Over the past few days, I have been collecting images for a post related to the idea of decorating with books and incorporating them into room design. I was planning on releasing the post sometime next week. But as I was reading through Lonny's 3rd issue, I couldn't help notice the numerous images of how different decorators use books in their design composition and I have decided to preempt that post with this one.

Here are just a few photos taken from the current issue of Lonny , that capture the many ways we can showcase the books we own .

1. Books set on a table as a part of a vignette with other objects and curiousities.

2. Books on a shelf, again mixing other paraphernalia such as photos, sculpture, and other tchotchke. I love the ladder idea, especially since we often only see ladders used with tall bookshelves in formal rooms. This is a very unique way of incorporating this idea in a more casual setting.

Another bookshelf of interesting sorts but with a dual purpose. In this room, the bookshelf is used as a divider between the living area and the bedroom.

3. Books on the bar cart. This gave me an idea, place books where you may not think of using them in conventional design. It may work well on a dining table where you would not expect to find a stack of books. Also, notice here the copy of Osa Johnson's "I Married Adventure" and its Zebra skin- like cover on the bottom. This book can be found in so many of my pictures and I only realized why after reading this post at The Peak of Chic.

4. Books piled up on a chair. There is something so stylish and confident about this look.

Highlighting a magazine collection works equally well.

5. Books stacked high on the floor. This is my favorite picture in the current issue of Lonny and I think I'm going to say that amongst the designers featured , Ryan Korban's work really grabbed my attention the most. His rooms were so sexy ! I think we can expect to hear more about this talent in the years to come.

6. And something I have never though of before, in the absence of a book collection, or maybe as a supplement to one, the use of wall paper or wall stickers. The one above is from thecollection. Look closely at the picture above, what do you think you see? The books aren't really there. Isn't it great? It sure had me fooled.

All these great ideas from just one magazine issue! I'll publish part two next week with a whole bunch of gorgeous images . Stay tuned!

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