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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Loopy Obsession

It was about 15 years ago when I first fell in love with these loop chairs , the design of which is attributed to Chicago decorator, Frances A. Elkins. It is written that she had designed and produced only 8 of these chairs in 1930 . Her inspiration were chairs from 18th century England. Since then, they have been reproduced in many variations.

I must have accumulated a few dozen tear sheets from magazines through the years of this one chair. When I see it featured , I feel compelled to tear out the page and keep it as a reference. Ever since I learned how to save images and "grab" on my mac, I must have added another dozen or so photos of these chairs .

Obviously I am not their only fan.

Aren't they just soooo chic!

The chair above is something I saw on auction. They are not exactly like the other loop chairs but the inspiration and reference to the Elkins chair is clear. They were made by Karl Springer in the 1970's. Check out that horn detail. The seat cushion is pony hair. I really love it, deep sigh.

And look how much fun you can have with them! They can be lacquered in almost any color and the fabric possibilities are endless.

I just love them in black. This room below is just so smart. I would want to use the chair in this way,so discreetly elegant . The chair draws your attention without shouting or demanding for you to notice it, you just do.

I have been wondering how I can uniquely use these chairs in my new home. I must be able to justify their purchase and have an immediate need and purpose for them or my husband will nix the idea in a hurry...

And then I came across this photo in my July/August issue of Elle Decor...


Ok, so again, another thing Aerin Lauder has that I want, vintage Frances Elkins stools. These would go PERFECTLY in my new kitchen which will be a combination of old and new. I am combining white marble, wood and stainless steel for the cabinets, drawers and counters. A deep dish farm sink with an updated classic faucet. Old fashioned pendant lighting. A combination of drawer pulls, some similar to the ones above in brushed nickel. "Greige" (greyish beige) walls. Black Butler's pantry.

Can you see it yet?

Won't these stools look fabulous in black or wait... what about brown pen shell to recreate the horn look! Ooooh , and my Mi Ming Chair at my kitchen desk will go great since the loop chairs have got that "chinoiserie" vibe going on!
The planets are aligning!


  1. I am beyond obsessed with these chairs. Great post.

  2. amazing! great research!
    don't you just love the grab idea...

    i want to see your kitchen. post photos..

  3. Thanks Style Redux 2- I love your blogs and am so thrilled you stopped by mine. Its' people like you and Daphne who really inspired me to start something;-) Daphne, I will post pictures of my baby (and by that I mean my kitchen!) when it's finished. Right now there's a lot of paint , dust and plastic. I'm planning on doing a post of my ideas and pictures that I used as pegs and then a post on the result! Hope Momzilla is getting some rest and is not absolutely stressed with the party planning!

  4. hi there. can't wait to see the pegs vis-a-vis the actual kitchen. i'm sure it'll be beautiful. i got over the farmhouse sink. realized i should just wait til the new house (if there is one)... or wait til i start actually loving cooking. party went well, everybody happy. i'm so behind with my posts now. haha

  5. I'm into zebra print rugs naman now (naalala ko with the pics above). Wanna get one for our future living rm. - Rina